Data Privacy and GDPR Consulting Services

When it comes to privacy compliance, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the complexities. STEEL methodology to assess Data Privacy compliance was developed by experts in the information security, risk and compliance and legal fields. It is based on our experience in implementing compliance standards and adjusted specifically towards accelerated implementation for data privacy projects.

STEEL is specialized GDPR consulting firm (based in Romania EU) offering external or outsourced DPO services.

Compliance assistance on the following personal data legislation:

1. Technical and technological

Security and architecture of the information system
Information and Communication Technologies
Data protection by design and by default (DP by design and DP by default)

2. Operational

Project management
Implementation of GDPR compliance programs
Liaise with regulatory authorities

3. EU data privacy legislation

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), Privacy Shield, ePrivacy Directive

Management consulting

STEEL Management consulting provide a broad range of services, advising and supporting client organizations across a very wide range of business engagements. STEEL management consultants can successfully create and define strategic direction, provide specialist knowledge and advice, or to support in planning and implementation of a specific project.

Examples of consulting STEEL engagements successfully concluded:

• Review a business’s positioning and seek to create a competitive advantage
• Maximize growth, increase sales and build market share
• Improve business performance, perhaps by securing efficiencies and cost reductions
• Identify and advise on potential take-over targets or strategic alliances
• Develop and support a change management project, or to coach individuals and teams
• Gathering and interpreting data
• Conducting Excel analysis and building computer analysis models
• Gaining an understanding of different methodologies
• Communicating with clients, interviewing employees, managers and other stakeholders
• Running focus groups and facilitating workshops
• Preparing business proposals/presentations

Mitigating the risk to businesses and employees

To get ahead of the situation with scenario modelling and highly considered action plans, STEEL Group’s Consultancy Solutions can bridge gaps in resources, freeing up management teams to focus on commercial strategy and the day-to-day running of operations.

STEEL Group Consultancy Solutions consists of highly skilled cross-border project and program managers

We can help with problems today – and we can build foundations for stress tests to come.

Strategies for businesses to reduce the impact of COVID-19:

1. Immediate response services

Task force development and management – project coordination for crisis management
Supply chain analysis – disruption mapping and contingency planning
Development and implementation of communication management plans
How companies should address staff about safety, home working and business continuity
How companies should address clients about services, social commitments and contingencies
Development and implementation of policies:  work from home and business travel

2. Long term response services

Business continuity planning – re-design and implementation following the current stress-test.
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